The Silver Willow Classic Country Cruisin' is about bringing all generations of Motorheads together. From the rare and beautiful CLASSIC Cars of our past, to tearin er' up in the mud.
There is NO other show like this!

The MUD PIT Race Competition started as an invitational. We had fun, got our feet wet, made some changes, but most important, made a lot of new friends!

The MUD RACE is OPEN competition!
Everyone is welcome to run. Classes will be determined by tire size.
There are two competitions...... one Saturday and one Sunday.

Vehicles must enter each class, each day.  Each vehicle is entitled to ONE free class included with admission.  Each additional class is $10.00.  All classes are Trophy Classes.  

SWC is also part of the
Mud Warz Tour!

Note:  ALL Trucks MUST have:

  • Tow straps attached prior to  entering the pit 
  • All drivers MUST hook up their own trucks for pull outs
  • All trucks MUST have brakes in working order
  • Helmets must be worn and liabilty releases signed by all those going into the pit with armbands displayed

This is a competition event only!  NO play area!
All mud vehicles must be parked in the designated pit area before and after each race. 
Driving around grounds is NOT permitted.  Anyone caught in the pit outside of their competition run will be excused from the event.

Every Driver and Passenger must sign waiver and wrist bands must be visable. Truck Pit Races start at 11AM each day. Driver meeting at 10AM

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