2016 Silver Willow Classic Country Cruisin’
“The Only Show of its Kind”

528375 5 Sideroad, near Mansfield, Ontario
July 9th & 10th, 2016

North of Hwy 89, south of Mansfield and 500 yards east of Airport Road

See Show Info page for more Details

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Pre-Registration/Camping Form.

First class is included with grounds admission. One free class per vehicle.

Judging starts at 2pm on Saturday
CARS and MOTORCYCLES (classes 4–34) will be judged and awarded on Saturday after 6pm

and Performance Classes
will be judged Saturday and Sunday
and be awarded on Sunday
AFTER the Mud Race

NOTE: Classes are judged on a non-biased Point System by teams of judges.  There are no ‘Peoples Choice’ awards.

Remember: You can enter as many classes as you wish that suit your vehicle.  Extra classes are an additional $10.00 each.

The Silver Willow Classic Country Cruisin’ Show is an annual benefit on behalf of Silver Willow Farm Rescue Center. 100% of any profits go directly to Rescue Operations and Feed and Care for Abandoned and Abused Farm Animals.

If you think you can lend us a hand at the show with traffic control, parking trucks and cars, or helping at the pit, please contact Mac at lauraloumcarthur@gmail.com.

This Is a Rain or Shine Event.  No Refunds.

Class lists are similar to other years - the exact class list will be available when you register.

Please Note: the mud pit races will run both Saturday and Sunday.
Quads start at 9AM in the pit and truck PIT starts at 2PM

OBSTACLE COURSE AND TMR CLASSES start at 9AM Saturday and Sunday

1. Best Vintage Original
2. Best Vintage Restored
3. Best Vintage Working

ALL MOTORCYCLES AND CARS will be judged and awarded on Saturday ONLY


4. Best Vintage pre 1960
5. Best Vintage 1961 to 1999
6. Best Cruiser any age
7. Best Custom (one off)
8. Best Modern 2000 to present

9. Best 1953 to 1979
10. Best 1980 to 1999
11. Best 2000 to current
12. Best Custom Corvette

13. Best Pre 1975
14. Best 1976 to 1990
15. Best 1991 to present

16. Best Import any age

Hot Rods
17. Best Old School Tin
18. Best New Build
19. Best Hot Rod Accessorized Vehicle

Rat Rods
20. Best Rat Rod Pickup
21. Best Rat Rod Car
22. Best Rat Rod Accessorized Vehicle

Open to all Makes and Models
Original, Modified and Customs
23. 1940 and older
24. 1941 to 1950
25. 1951 to 1960
26. 1961 to 1970
27. 1971 to 1980
28. 1981 to 1990
29. 1991 to 2000
30. 2001 and newer

Diesel Doctors Portable Dyno
Saturday and Sunday
Go to Diesel Doctor Tab for more information

All Cars
31. Best Paint
32. Best Interior
33. Best Convertible
34. Best Displayed Car

To ensure no entries are missed, vehicles must be parked within their designated fields to be judged.  eg. CARS with CARS, TRUCKS with TRUCKS, BIKES with BIKES, etc.

1 tonne or lighter

35. 1940 and older
36. 1941 to 1960
37. 1961 to 1980
38. 1981 to 1990
39. 1991 to 2000
40. 2001 and newer
41. Best 4x4 pickup 1991 and older
42. Best 4x4 Pickup 1992 to 2002
43. Best 4x4 Pickup 2003 to 2010
44. Best Pickup 2011 to current
45. Best Working Commercial /Company  Pickup any age
46. The ‘Rode Hard and Put away Wet’ Best Work Horse Pickup (lowest Score Wins)  Must be licenced and driven in.                             
47. Best Lifted Road Licenced Pickup 1993 and older
48. Best Lifted Road Licenced pickup 1994 to 2008
49. Best Lifted Road Licenced Pickup 2009 and newer
50. Best Lowered Pickup
51. Best Import Pickup
52. Best SUV
53. Best OFF ROAD
54. Best Paint
55.  Best Interior
56. Best Design (Wrap or Paint)
57. Best Pickup driven and shown by a “Beard”.
58. Best Non Legal Mudder
59. Best Road Licenced Mudder
60. Best Ladies Pickup
61. Best Competition Puller

MEDIUM DUTY TRUCKS (over 1 tonne Single Axle)
62. Best Medium Duty Hauler (tag or tow or 5th wheel)
63. Best Medium Duty Straight Truck
64. Best Medium Duty Pickup Conversion
65. Best Medium Duty Custom
66. Best Medium Duty Design (Wrap or Paint)

More Surprise Activities

Important Note:
The Silver Willow Classic Country Cruisin’ is for everyone to enjoy.  Please be neighbourly.  Respect our community and neighbours of which many are here helping to ensure we can all have a nice weekend.  Don’t let your actions spoil it for anyone else.

IF YOU BURN OUT on our roads you will not be welcome back!

Big Rigs (Dual Axle)

67. Best CEO any age
68. Best Tractor 1960 and Older
69. Best Tractor 1961 to 1980
70. Best Tractor 1981 to 1990
71. Best tractor 1991 to 2000
72. Best Tractor 2001 and newer
73. Best Tractor with sleeper 1990 and older
74. Best Tractor with sleeper 1991 and newer
75. Best Tractor Interior
76. Best Tractor Design (wrap or paint)
77. Best Freightliner
78. Best Mac
79. Best Peterbuilt
80. Best International
81. Best Kenworth
82. Best Fleet (3 or more)

83. Best Jeep 1985 and older
84. Best Jeep 1986 to 1995
85. Best Jeep 1996 to 2005
86. Best Jeep 2006 to current
87. Best Modified Jeep
88. Best Off Road Jeep
89. Best Mudder Jeep



2 separate days of Open Competition
Separate entries on each day
Classes Separated by Tire Size

Quads in the Pit
Quads run the pit both days

Dirty Girls Mud Race
Ladies Dash For Cash
1. Sweet Young Things
2. Old Enough to Know Better
Will be held after the Quad Races

Class list may change as required with notice.

Please be very aware that the fields we are using for the show are actually agricultural fields used to feed the animals.  Any items left on the ground may become a death sentence for an animal if accidentally consumed.
Please be very careful and pick up all garbage.

Have Fun, Be Safe, Enjoy and ‘Git your Country On’ at Silver Willow Farm !


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